The Torah 3D Screensaver

The Torah 3D Screensaver

The Torah 3D is a screensaver with a religious theme
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The Torah 3D Screensaver is a screensaver with a religious theme. The screensaver shows The Torah, which is the Jewish Bible and refers to the Five Books of Moses. The Torah is also part of the Christian Bible, being the first five chapters of the Old Testament. The animation shows two cylindric holders with writings in the middle, which is the symbolic representation of the Torah. In the screensaver, the Torah is rotated, and the background contains writings in Hebrew. The scene is accompanied by lovely piano music, featuring different tracks. However, if you don't like the music, you can add your own music playlist from the settings menu.

From this menu, you will be able to customize not only your own playlist, but also the one that comes with the screensaver. Another thing you can customize is the exit conditions, offering multiple options.

In short, if you are a religious person, either Christian or Jewish, you will surely enjoy
The Torah 3D Screensaver, which will decorate your screen with a symbolic scene.

Silvana Mansilla
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  • Great music
  • Nice scene
  • You can add your own music
  • You can customize exit conditions
  • Free


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